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The Finway Group’s Architect Retirement PEP is a best-of-breed comprehensive solution for the business owner who is looking for a feature-rich, high-touch retirement plan, but also wants to minimize their responsibilities and headaches.

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The Architect Retirement PEP is a pooled employer 401(k) plan (PEP) that allows unrelated businesses to participate in a single plan managed by a pooled plan provider (PPP – The Finway Group).


The Architect Retirement PEP is an exclusive offering from industry leaders.

Finway Group

is the Pooled Plan Provider (PPP), 3(16) Plan Administrator, and Third Party Administrator


provides participant recordkeeping

Cota St.

serves as the 3(38) investment fiduciary


is the trustee

Who is it for?

How does it work?

Why do I want it?

How does it help employees?

Who is it for?

The Architect Retirement PEP is ideal for a plan sponsor who wants to:


Minimize their fiduciary responsibilities and related risk


Outsource the day-to-day operations of their plan and buy back valuable time

Eliminate their trustee responsibility and liability

Eliminate their annual plan audit and related time and expense

Why do I want it?

The Architect Retirement PEP will allow you to outsource the ERISA requirements to the PEP, so you no longer have to worry about it.

You’ll experience many benefits:

Save on plan fees with discounted group rates

Reduce your plan fiduciary responsibilities and risk

Fewer employee/participant calls & questions — we handle that!

Expert support across all facets of plan operation

Save time through…

  • Easier payroll and contribution submission using our sophisticated payroll integrations
  • We’ll handle all the mundane details, notices, filings, and other plan operations

Investment consulting and advice that makes a difference and that you actually want

How does it work?

You sign an agreement with Finway to join the PEP. Your participation in the plan is covered in a master plan document and the entire group of participating sponsors share in a single annual IRS Form 5500. You and your employees are then enrolled into The Architect Retirement PEP and will have access to allocate their contributions to a robust range of high-quality investments.

Next, you can relax because you’ve got an entire team worrying about your employees’ retirement.

Now you’re free to focus on your business.

How does it help employees?

The Architect Retirement PEP enables you to provide the range of participant services and capabilities typically reserved only for larger plans, including:


Retirement Education


Personalized Financial Wellness


Advanced Online Experience


Investment Advice

We handle the details.

It’s easy to say that you’ll save time and that we’ll handle the day-to-day operations. But what does that include?

We will:

Track participant eligibility and other critical census data

Sign and file the annual IRS Form 5500

Monitor your payroll uploads to ensure timely processing

Approve and manage loans & distribution requests

Manage and mail all required participant notices

Receive all recordkeeper emails and to-do lists

Isn’t it time to get rid of the headaches, hassles & heartburn of running your retirement plan?

It’s time for the Architect Retirement PEP.